Hi! My name is Michael Kang.


 I'm a videographer based in Seattle, Washington. Videography has been a passion of mine since I was young. It's where I feel most comfortable and it's something I am very passionate about. I've had a lot of experience working on film sets and reality television shows, learning and honing my skill. Over the years I've learned to shoot in a documentary style of videography and it mixes a lot candid and cinematic shots into one beautifully composed story. I love capturing the raw emotions of the moments on your wedding day, it's the reason I love what I do!


I'm pretty happy-go-lucky as most people would describe me. I rarely stress about anything and I'm a firm believer of the cup half full. I'm also a Christian and I do my best work to honor God. When I'm not doing videography I'm either traveling or enjoying a new restaurant, because I LOVE to eat. I also have an undying love for stories so I'm kind of a movie buff as well! Other than that you can contact me via the contacts page at the top of this page! Thanks again!